by Erin Skelly –

We Will Win

Please enjoy Erin Skelly’s speech from the 2017 Becky’s Warriors Golf Outing. We were honored to hear her words…

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to stand before you and express our gratitude for Becky’s Warriors.

I didn’t know Becky personally, for me Becky is this whimsical angel that came to us in our time of need. I imagine her to be full of life and love, because she keeps on living through all of you. How truly great she must have been. It’s an amazing thing to touch just one heart in a lifetime, but to continue to touch so many is an amazing testimony of her character. Becky’s Warriors not only run this charity in her name, they run this charity with her. She is every bit a part of everything they do.

When I first spoke with Charles Hicks about Rachel and her condition, the kids and what we were facing, he was so kind and concerned. He spoke with the other board members about our situation, and our relationship with Becky’s Warriors began. We entered an application and received notice shortly after from the board asking how they could help and what we needed financially as a family. The answer was instant and unanimous – tuition assistance.

There was a lot we could not control. There was so much in limbo as Rachel was with us one day and gone the next. We didn’t know much about anything at that time. What we did know was that this fight with cancer wouldn’t spread to the children. These are great kids with so much potential, how dare cancer try to rob them of opportunities to grow. We knew for certain we didn’t want cancer or bills to keep their light from shining. God wasn’t going to let this happen. When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel. So, we did.

Olivia can’t be with us tonight, as she has taken on the position of supervisor and coordinator of events at the Park Forest Aqua Center. It pleases me to know that Becky and her Warriors will share in the joys of Olivia’s many accomplishments.

This amazing child you all have helped will soon graduate with honors. She will go on to college, and do so with such diligence and discipline. As a parent, you wouldn’t be concerned about her grades or well-being. Your only concern would be that you may not get as many phone calls as you need, because she’s too busy doing great things. This child will graduate college with honors I’m certain. She will start her career as an Occupational Therapist, and quickly move up the ladder to administration, making a difference to every person and in everything she does.

Olivia is truly a rock star. She brings us so much joy in the sadness and pain that cancer has caused. To quote Sarah Williams, “I have loved the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night.”   

One day Olivia may carry the torch for Becky and her Warriors and help others the way that you have helped her. She knows first hand what you all have done for her and she is truly grateful.

Prayer and community brought Becky and her Warriors to our family. They have been with us since the beginning of Rachel’s fight against cancer. We have a long way to go yet, but we are strong and we have angels by our side.  We will win.

We are extremely grateful to the many contributors donating and backing the Warriors in fulfilling their mission. Without the help and commitment from people such as yourselves, I wouldn’t be standing here today to say thank you. So tonight, let me say thank you on behalf of the family. Thank you for helping us get through some very hard times. Your prayers and swears mean the world to us.