About Becky's Warriors Cancer Support

Becky’s Warriors NFP is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was started by a few friends that had attended Marian Catholic High School in the 1990s.

As each of them had been somehow affected by the disease, they recognized that cancer is an equal opportunity offender and affects people physically, emotionally, financially, as well as spiritually. While there are many wonderful organizations that help fund cancer research and continue to work towards a cure for cancer, oftentimes the cancer fighters and their families need help with day-to-day expenses like:

  • childcare
  • living expenses due to a loss of income
  • tuition for their children to continue school

This is why Becky’s Warriors was started

To help ease some of the financial burden that comes with a cancer fight and inspire hope and courage to those who are dealing with cancer. We do this in honor of our friend, Becky Eaton Lopez, who showed us what it really meant to be a Warrior. She was tough, she was feisty, and she had a great sense of humor - and she continues to inspire us to this day!

Becky’s Warriors is 100% volunteer-based and your generous donations go to families that are battling cancer.