Becky's Inspirational Story

Rebecca Eaton LopezBecky

August 26, 1977 – April 23, 2014.

Becky's inspirational story begins when she was born the middle child of Monty and Sue Eaton.

She attended grade school at Infant Jesus of Prague in Flossmoor, IL. She then attended Marian Catholic High School from 1991-1995.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Illinois State University in 1999. Becky also received a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She was working on her degree in Education Administration at the time of her diagnosis in 2012.

Becky excelled in the classroom as a special education teacher. She worked mainly with children with behavioral and emotional disabilities. By doing this she touched and opened the minds of many young individuals. Changing the lives of children for the better was her calling. 

In August 2010, Becky married Ken Lopez.  A year later they welcomed their son Drew Preston.

Just as Becky and Ken were recovering from their four month old baby undergoing major skull surgery on December 30, 2011; Becky received the devastating diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer on January 16, 2012. At diagnosis, the cancer had already spread to her bones, liver, and both lungs.

Five months later, in June of 2012, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her brain. Over the next 2 years Becky continued to work full time as an educator. She loved working and this role helped her maintain some normalcy in a very chaotic schedule of doctor’s visits, chemo treatments, and radiation sessions.

Becky’s strong will continued to shine. She fought for all she believed was right. She battled for her children in her classroom, she fought for her family, and she fought her biggest battle for her life. Through everything, Becky never lost her one-of-a-kind sense of humor or her endless love of fun.

Becky’s Warriors was founded upon the core values Becky showed throughout her time with us.  Her generous character was dedicated to helping and filling the needs of others before herself. Her caring nature allowed her to always be in touch with the feelings of her family, friends, and students. She was always willing to help.

Becky's genuine personality led her to be very practical and down to Earth. She fought for all she believed in. And she never, ever lost her sense of fun and lightheartedness. Thus, to honor the life and memory of Becky, a foundation was created to inspire hope and courage to Marian Catholic families who are fighting cancer, just as Becky would if she was here.