by Charles “Chuck” Hicks, 1994 graduate –

I saw first-hand with family and friends the devastating effects of cancer.

My friend Mike Indovina lost his battle to lung cancer in 2012. Back in 2012, I partnered with another cancer organization to raise funds and learned that the majority of the money went to research. I knew I wanted to do more.

I have always been passionate about my family, friends, and relationships whether business, school or church.  When I heard of Becky being diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, I knew it was time to get involved. I reached out to her and asked if we could do a charity golf outing on her behalf. 

I enrolled a number of classmates that knew Becky or had been personally affected by cancer. The mission was simple:  to help financially as much as possible.  With that, we hosted our first golf outing in 2014.

Where do you hope Becky’s Warriors will be five years from now?

Over the last two years of Becky’s life, she inspired her friends and family with her honesty, laughter, courage and a belief that tomorrow the sun would rise again. We hope to pass on that same inspiration to the Marian community. We believe that every family deserves a fighting chance and we want to partner with as many families in the Marian community as possible to help financially and spiritually. Our desire is to continue to grow and help dozens of families and beyond.

How can we help the Marian Catholic Community?

Partnering with the Marian Catholic Community gives us an opportunity to help current students, teachers and faculty along with alumni and their families.  Our hope is to help as many families as possible; whether it is with small items such as gas cards, care packages and meals or a financial gift that could cover some medical bills, mortgage payments and even tuition assistance.