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Love and Compassion

by Eric Flaherty –

What You Really Need

I was honored to be the guest speaker at the 2016 Becky’s Warriors Golf Outing and Dinner Fundraiser.  I am now a member of the Golf Outing Committee for this year’s event and excited to help the organization raise funds for others like me and my family.  I’d like to share with you my speech from last year’s event in hopes that anyone reading this will truly understand the impact this organization can have on not only those fighting cancer but the family members that fight alongside them….

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Why I help on the Becky’s Warriors team

by Missy Day –

Losing a loved one to cancer is devastating.

I did not know Becky in high school. I graduated in 1994 with her sister, Amy, but did not know her well. You may be wondering why I would agree to help a family I didn’t know until I first helped with the golf outing in 2014. 
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