by Amy Eaton Seymour –

For me personally, “Becky’s Warriors” are the wonderful people who supported Becky during her oncology battle.

Her family, friends and coworkers were so generous with their love, time and treasures.

The fact that the term “Becky’s Warriors” has evolved into a non-profit organization which rallies to support others in Becky’s honor and memory allows me/us to continue to feel Becky’s presence.

This organization is an enormously important entity to my family and me. Becky’s Warriors carried us during some very dark times of Becky’s cancer journey and I am touched to be a part of a group that continues to help others in need during their time of struggle and strife.

How proud Becky would be knowing that this non-profit was envisioned because of her.

Prior to her passing, Becky was aware of the creation of Becky’s Warriors and I am so happy we were able to show her the beauty that she inspired. She was very touched that a foundation was created in her honor and that the vision was to help others in need during their battles with cancer.

Becky would be so moved to know that this organization looks to help others who share her compassion for others, strength of character, and sense of humor.