by Missy Day –

Losing a loved one to cancer is devastating.

I did not know Becky in high school. I graduated in 1994 with her sister, Amy, but did not know her well. You may be wondering why I would agree to help a family I didn’t know until I first helped with the golf outing in 2014. 

My dad battled cancer for 5 years. He died a little over 3 years ago. Hundreds of people attended his wake. I listened to countless stories of people recalling how my dad had helped them in some way. Anyone that knew my dad can attest to his generous heart. It didn’t matter if he knew the person. If he heard of someone in need and he was able to help, he did it. 

My heart ached for Becky while I watched her story on Facebook in the final months of her earthly life. I was heartbroken for her family when she died. I knew the feeling of numbing pain mixed with the sense of relief that your loved one was no longer suffering. Being with a loved one in their final moments changes you for the rest of your life. Being with my dad was the worst moments of my life but I would not trade them for anything. It was an honor to be with him as he died. I feel like you cannot fully understand that statement until you experience it. 

I chose to help run the social media accounts forBecky’s Warriors. I gladly continue to help Becky’s Warriors if it brings any sense of peace to Becky’s family or any of the future families we will support. Helping families affected by cancer allows me to carry on my dad’s legacy. I am thankful for that opportunity through Becky’s Warriors.